Business Plan
Schedule a 60 minute call with us, we will ask you about your assumptions, forecasts, business model, valuation, funding needs and more. We will send you an excel spreadsheet with your business plan followed by a second call to review the results and get extra suggestions so you can continue to customize the spreadsheet over time.

This process may take up to 5 business days to complete.

You will also receive feedback on your one pager which includes a VC Sanity Check , and an enhanced-design one pager.


*Any additional ongoing consultation will be provided for an hourly fee of $150/hour. 


If you have any questions, email:


Eyal Shelef

Co-Founder ,CTO  at Nanofabrica


"I think it has a lot of value for any early-stage company (like us or even earlier).

The Analysis is very basic and it has 3 big benefits:

  • Very professional look that can be used for investor presentations and materials

  • Insights from angles we wouldn't think of (expenses along with revenue, basic P&L, investor sanity check).

  • It forces you to think about things most early-stage companies do not think of yet and should (inventory aspects for example)

And it requires minimal effort (60 minutes in total)

In short, it was definitely worthwhile."

VCforU - Create a one pager that will pitch your startup to investors the way investors like

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