A Word from Our Users

Entrepreneurs and investors who liked our one pagers say:

Maya Gura
Founded The Gifts Project (acquired by eBay), founder and CEO at Missbeez

"People always ask: "can you send us your one pager?" and I put it in my long to do list and keep postponing it as I figure it takes a long time to prepare. Then, a friend told me about the vcforu tool for one pagers and I tried it out one night. I filled their form which was very user friendly and simple, and I received a confirmation that the process was complete and I will get my one pager soon. I got it within moments!!! I couldn't believe how well put, designed and professional it is. Now I can send it to my partners and it also helps me with fund raising. Thanks vcforu!"


Eden Shochat
Partner at Aleph VC, created The Junction, co-founded Face.com

"The one pager has a good format & content."


Gal Ringel
Senior Investment Associate at Nautilus, Powered by AOL

"This investor one pager offers a great template and helps the entrepreneur to be focused on the important messages, which eventually gives me, as an investor, all the information I need to decide if I want to meet the startup. This is a great tool for entrepreneurs and accelerators."


Levi Shapiro
Partner at Veritas Venture Partners, IDC Professor, mHealth Israel Conference founder

"As an investor, VCforU’s one pager is concise with key company information. This could potentially streamline a VC’s submission and evaluation process. As a Professor for entrepreneurship, this approach was also an optimal way for the students to understand key concepts related to fundraising."


Miriam Schwab
CEO at Strattic & illuminea

"Once we had the VCforU one pager, there was no going back to our old one. The layout is more appealing, easier to read, and I really like the character limitation which forces you to get it all across concisely."


Shai Zemach
Founder and CEO at Thermo Clean Tech

"Writing and designing a one pager is hard. Before using your platform, I did create a one pager. But it wasn't as good as the one I received from you. I feel it is because your product has three main benefits which helped me create a better one pager:

1. It forced me to focus on certain topics according to the questions on the form, when starting from scratch with no guidelines you either have no idea where to start or have the tendency to spread too wide and include information which may not be relevant.

2. Using a form and being able to go over it a few times works as a nice check-list which helped me make sure I didn't miss anything.

3. A nice, clean and easy to read design."


Nivi Chaimov
Founder and CEO at Sage Recipe Box 

"We couldn't have been more pleased with the one pager we have received from VCforU. It is eye catching and right to the point and the feedback we get about it is great! Not only that but working with the VCforU platform was easy and intuitive and saved us a lot of time."


Avi Meir
Founded Hotel Ninjas (aqcuired by Booking.com), CTO and co-founder at TravelPerk

"Clear & concise, nice!"


Dror Aharon
Founder and CEO at Daystage

"It was an absolute pleasure using your service. I have searched for many different templates for a one pager, and couldn’t seem to find exactly what I needed. Answering your questions not only made me realize what my previous one pager was missing but was a great process with a timeline showing my progress, making me look forward to seeing the results. I will most definitely recommend your services to friends and colleagues."


Heinz Gansslen

Managing Partner alpha Medicus GmbH


"The questionnaire has clear questions, good structure, understandable (also for a non native speaker).

The one pager looks great; not so much work for the start up to get such a professional looking one-pager."


Or Rigler
CEO and founder at Weave

"Probably the most rewarding 5 minutes I have ever spent."


Tal Niego
Founder and CEO at Homate, founder and CEO at Niego Design 

"Just got our investor one pager and we're very happy with the result! It helped us so much and saved valuable time. It helped thinking about things that every early stage startup should figure out. In addition, it focused us and made us very clear about our messaging. The outcome is amazing, beautiful and so fast. Plus - it's  free! If we hadn't used VCforU, it would have taken us at least a week just to figure out what should be in there and how long each part should be. Many thanks for this amazing product."


Nathan Aharonovich
PM at Barak Capital

"This saved me a ton of work! Definitely the most efficient way to start your own one pager."


Binah Baum
Co Founder and CEO at Alma Bio Therapeutics

"It was great because even though one gets quite frustrated by preparing endless versions of company docs, once it's interactive it helps greatly. It fine-tunes the mind !"

Daniel Leites
Founder and CEO at Medilayse.me

"Our executive summery never looked better. Thank you so very much!!!"

Sivan Baram
CEO & Founder of radd. / Indpendent Content Marketing Professional & Head Of Marketing at smoove.io

"I searched for a one pager template for my start-up, radd, and was surprised to find something even better. I may sound a bit like VCforU'S content marketer but I can't help it - VCforU is a really smart and simple tool that saves time and money by allowing start-up founders like me, to easily create their one pager and therefore stay focused on the most important part of the business – the product :) Highly recommended!"

Yoram Grinberg
Founder at Squari

"VCforU is a good tool, that simplifies One Pager creation, and helped me overcome a psychological barrier in creating it."

Tami Ellison
CEO  at Conflu3nce

"A fantastic service for every entrepreneur. I was able to easily craft the right message for investors - user-friendly and a ready-to-send 1-pager!"

Eric Edelstein
Co-Founder & CMO at Dokka.me

"I think VCforU is brilliant! It makes it quick and easy to create memorable one pagers, and also to modify them, which most early stage startups need to do on a daily basis as they tweak their business models."

Neta-Li Meiri
Managing Director at The 8200 Social Program

"Thank you on behalf of 8200 Social Program and many of our entrepreneurs and applicants who enjoyed using your service, and thanks to your service - already have a professional one-pager!"