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Pulse on Retail

Jan 28, 2021 

VCforU is shopping for the top Retail startups. We have gathered 4 interesting startups from Spain, Sweden, US, and Canada with unique value propositions.





Winner: ShopAdvizor


VCforU Pulse on Payments

Pulse on Payments

Jan 21, 2021 

Very international newsletter , paying tribute to four Payment-related startups from the VCforU community: ChakaPay, Koibanx, Offset and UXM. 

From Hong Kong, Israel Uruguay an,  The UK.

Winner: ChakaPay


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Pulse on FoodTech

Jan 12, 2021 

The VCforU community is working hard to bring innovation to our plates. Learn more about Fruit OH, Lamu, Healwithifood and Dishare.

Winner: Healwithfood