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nAdd this document to your websitenEmbed this document on your websitenSubscribe to RSS FeedsnDocument NotesnDocument Version HistorynThere are no notes for this document.nOther VersionsnThere are no other versions of this document.Safety evaluation of combined FZD10 antagonist and COX-2 inhibitor in xenograft models. A novel small molecule FZD10 antagonist in development for treating idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) has demonstrated efficacy in animal models. A phase I trial of this compound in humans is being planned. To assess potential drug-drug interactions between this compound and non-selective NSAIDs, the safety of the compound was assessed after exposure to the non-selective NSAIDs indomethacin and celecoxib in vivo. Two compounds were administered orally to rats (by gavage) and the results of histopathology, clinical pathology and body weight were assessed. In vivo pharmacokinetic studies were performed to determine drug levels in various tissue and organ sites. As expected, the compound is rapidly absorbed after oral dosing and has a half-life of 4.8-6.1 h. No liver toxicity was observed after oral exposure to the compound for a period of 14 days and no weight change was observed for the entire dosing regimen.The present invention relates to an exhaust duct and, more particularly, to an exhaust duct in which a heat insulator is integrally attached to a frame member. An exhaust duct for use with an exhaust muffler and the like is shown in FIG. 5. The exhaust duct has a casing 10, a pipe 11 which extends along an axis X-X within the casing 10, and an insulator 12 which is disposed along the pipe 11 and through which exhaust gas is conducted from the pipe 11 into the casing 10. The insulator 12 is formed in a roughly cylindrical shape and has a slit 14 for permitting the exhaust gas to flow therethrough. A frame member 13 is attached to the casing 10 by a plurality of bolts 15. A heat insulator 16 is provided at a portion of the frame member 13, which is contiguous with the casing 10. A heat insulator 17 is provided at a portion of the frame member 13 which is contiguous with the pipe 11, and is connected by a bolt 18 to the frame member 13. This exhaust duct is a double-walled duct in which the heat insulator 12 and frame member 13 are disposed between the casing 10 and pipe 11



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