How to create an Executive Summary

Startups are continuously raising capital, and often ask what investors actually care about. The first document an investor would see is your Executive Summary. The Executive summary, also known as an investor one pager, is a short document aimed at showcasing your investment opportunity to investors in a brief way.

Here are a few topics that should be covered in a professional executive summary:

A one liner: this is a single sentence that clearly states what the company is doing. and do not write we are the "Uber of Airbnb", rather write what it is that you actually do. The vague language will not develop a sense of curiosity, rather it will help them decide to move on to the next executive summary.

Company Info: Location, Team size, Are you Pre/Post Revenues, the industry

Round information: Is this the Seed round or Series A round, how much money you are raising. This helps the investor know if they are relevant to your round.

Team: Who are the founders, main management team, why are they the right people to grow this company.

The Need: What is the problem with today's solutions, with the status quo, what is the market need you believe is out there.

The Solution: Notice, we do not ask your technology or product, rather your solution to the need. This is a major difference.

Top Milestones: What have you achieved so far? this can be awards you have won, partners you have attracted, products you have launched, patents that were granted, previous rounds you have raised, grants you have won, an impressive team or advisors you have attracted, and more. These will reduce the risks for the investors and help them feel more comfortable with your company.

Competition: How are you different from your main competitors? In an executive summary there is no room to explain about each competitor, but it is important to understand how you are different from 2 or 3 main competitors or type of competitors.

Go-To-Market: How do you intend to reach your target audience? This can be direct sales, sales through 3rd parties, online sales and more.

Business Model: Do you have a SaaS model with recurring payments, Do you sell an API per actual use? do you sell Ads and price per click? is this a one time fee or a service your provide on a project-base?

Contact info: Don't forget your email, phone, address in case the investor wants to contact you.

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