VCforU helping in the fight against COVID-19

VCforU is hosting a series of "Shpiel" events, which are online video pitch events for startups and investors. These events proved very successful and are even more relevant for today's COVID-19 situation. VCforU held two separate COVID-19 Shpiel events, where we had a chance to hear the shpiel of several startups who pivoted their business plan in order to fight the Corona Virus. The two events were co-hosted by Mati Haifa and ILAB, the leading investment vehicle in Haifa. Both are long-standing partners of VCforU. On top, an Israel Innovation Authority Analyst also joined one of the events as they are currently funding efforts that help cope with the COVID-19 epidemic.

See this video clip from The Shpiel – COVID-19 event:

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