Yes, it is time. It is time for entrepreneurs to review investors

The entire economic world has undergone a revolution which is known as the “Review Economy”. Those who could in the past, get by with a large marketing budget, fancy location and a fashionable buzz around them, are now subject to public reviews based on the actual quality of the core service, the user experience, the friendliness of the staff and more.

We all enjoy the review economy every day, I know I only walk into restaurants with upwards of 4.5-star reviews on Yelp, I only stay in a highly recommended hotel via Booking and I never buy an electric appliance without good customer reviews on Amazon.

We trust anonymous reviews more than our friends

According to Spiegel Research Center, Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase (Spiegel Research Center, 2017), and according to the "Word of Mouth Report (2018)" 66% of Americans trust an anonymous, online review more than they trust a recommendation from an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. This is astonishing and is only getting stronger.

The investor landscape is evolving

When taking a life-changing step seeking funding for your own startup, and “marrying” an investor for the next six or seven years, we as entrepreneurs, tend to believe that we do not have the right to be picky. Money is money. However, things are changing. Today, funds are popping up everywhere and they are as hungry for quality investment opportunities as you are hungry to get funded. These days VCs invest more into Public Relations, sponsorships and many funds claim to be “Entrepreneur-Friendly” in order to attract more entrepreneurs.

The number of investors has more or less doubled in the last 4 years.

According to CrunchBase, the number of US investors (VCs and accredited investors) has doubled since 2015, and according to Statista the total investment has never been higher since the dot com boom of 2000.

A serious Entrepreneur should do everything in its power to learn more about the investors they are engaging with, speaking with their portfolio companies and maybe finding mutual friends who know the investors. However, there is no streamlined and scalable way of getting reviews about every investor on the planet.

Meet THE LIST at TopVCList.COM

THE LIST is an investor ranking platform, where anyone can give a thumbs up or thumbs down regarding any investor anonymously and leave a textual review as well. Investors can be sorted according to "Popularity", which takes into account the feedback from the entrepreneurs, and alternatively, they can be sorted according to “Activity” which is an objective score based on the raw data of recent investments, exits and more.

A word for you Entrepreneurs

The more active the Entrepreneurial community will be on the platform, the more value the platform will give back to the Entrepreneurs.

"Startups are now able to take part in building the first social map of all the investors in the world, meaning you will be able to contact highly recommended and relevant investors for your company." said Itay Sagie - CEO, VCforU

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it free?

Yes, the basic service is free. You will be able to sort the investors according to “Popularity” and filtered according to your relevant industry/stage/location. You only need to register in order to vote thumbs up or down yourself.

2. What do Premium users get?

Premium users can see the contact info of the investors AND sort investors according to their level of “Activity”, which is an objective score based on the raw data of recent investments, exits and more.

3. Will investors know who voted?

No, voting UP/DOWN is anonymous, however, written reviews are not anonymous.

4. If an investor is not listed, can I add them?

Yes. You can simply press “add investor profile” and create an investor profile. Later on, we will ask the investor to “claim” that page and make sure the data is correct and up-to-date.

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