Apply to SigmaLabs Accelerator 10th wave

The very short version:

SigmaLabs is on a lookout for talented early stage (pre-seed) companies! Application for SL #10 is now open till May 4th. It is an open vertical program for early-stage startups that have a full-time team with a CTO on board. Apply here:

A quick update:

SigmaLabs have partnered up with Sarona Partners, and are moving to a new location. Terms of acceptance are changing just a bit, and they will open more vertical programs in more cities!

Longer Version:

What they do at SigmaLabs: A ‘For Founders by Founders’ acceleration program, helping 6-8 early-stage startups to accelerate to early success.

Fun fact: In 3 years they had 9 waves, 43 alumni companies (like PureSec & StreamElemnts), 2 exits (Forcenock sold to CheckPoint), and 85% of SigmaLabs alumni have raised funds during and following participation.

How they do it: Deep ongoing mentorship with top CEOs of successful startups, plus CTO, CMO, CPO, CFO & Legal mentors in residence.

Terms: They take 2% equity as the companies give back to the program.

What they look for: MAINLY Strong teams from any vertical! Pre-seed/seed startup, full-timers with technical Founders.

Application link:

For additional questions, please feel free to email Tair at

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