Apply to Fusion LA to grow your company in the US market

Fusion LA has just announced the opening of the application season for their 4th batch. They are looking for entrepreneurs that could be a good fit for their accelerator in Los Angeles.

  1. They just concluded the 3rd batch in Los Angeles. They work closely with their 20 alumni companies as they scale in the US market: 90% have secured paying clients or raised money from US investors, 33% have completed a Seed Round (+$2M) and relocated to the US.

  2. Over the past year they produced 30 meetups and community events in Tel Aviv & Los Angeles (+2400 community members) and interviewed face-to-face 1000 Israeli CEOs.

  3. In the next couple of months, they will be hosting a series of talks with exceptional industry leaders in Israel - Fresh Fund, StageOne Ventures, BIRD Israel GM and more. Join the Meetup community!

Fusion LA is looking to work with Israel-led, early stage start-ups (Pre-seed or Seed) from all industries that want to grow their company in the US market.

Founders of batch 3 at the rooftop in Los Angeles:

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