VCforU Top 20 Early Stage Investors in Israel

The Israeli ecosystem has been blessed with a multitude of great startups, impressive multi-billion dollar exits as well as a long list of VCs that have set up shop in Israel, comprised of both domestic and foreign investors.

We have built a list of what we believe to be the most influential investors active today in Israel.


Partner Name: Aaron Rosenson | Aleph

Aleph is a venture capital fund focused on partnering with great entrepreneurs to help scale them into large, meaningful companies and globally recognized brands. It is an Equal Partnership of Eden Shochat, Michael Eisenberg and Aaron Rosenson.



Partner Name: Emanuel Timor | Vertex ventures

Vertex Ventures Israel invests in companies with proven leadership ability to deliver success. Vertex Ventures seeks technology-centric, capital efficient businesses that offer a growing market opportunity, a defensible business model, and a viable exit strategy. Vertex focuses on Enterprise & Cloud Platforms, Automotive, Machine Learning, IoT, Digital Health, Cyber and Frontier technologies



Partner Names: Mor Assia and Shelly Hod Moyal |​ iAngels

iAngels connects you to tech-savvy investors around the globe with a special interest in supporting Israeli startups, and you don’t have to get on a plane to meet them. Using the platform and connections, you can pitch, build relationships with investors and answer their questions without leaving your office.



Partner Name: Izhar Shay |​ Canaan Partners Israel

Canaan Partners Israel are looking to invest in seed and early stage startups that are developing innovative products or services that have a sustainable competitive edge, targeting large growing markets, maintaining capital efficient scalable business models and proven execution by the founding team. Canaan's industry focus is: Digital Media & Mobile, SaaS & Enterprise Solutions and Internet & Cloud Infrastructure.



Partner Name: Isaac Hillel | Pitango Venture Capital

Pitango invests in core technology across all stages, via two parallel funds: Pitango Early Stage and Pitango Growth



Partner Name: Haim Kopans | Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP)

With over $1.1 billion raised across 8 funds, and a rich network of strategic and business partners spanning the world, JVP has led some of the largest and most noteworthy exits out of Israel.



Partner Name: Esther Barak Landes | 2B-Angels

2B Angels is a venture fund, investing in exceptional companies that are in the seed to post series A stage. 2B Angels looks for strong founders they can partner with; they customize the support, value add and mentorship they give their portfolio companies so they can develop a sustainable and repeatable high growth business. 2B Angels focuses on innovation in the digital, communications and cyber worlds; They typically take a lead investor position and make follow on investments as needed.



Partner Name: Daniel Goldstein |Innovation Endeavors

Innovation Endeavors is helping entrepreneurs drive a super evolution of industry. A proliferation of data, advanced computation and robotics are converging to accelerate iteration cycles, radically collapsing time. Innovation Endeavors invests in visionary founders, transformational technology and emergent ecosystems for a new world. They have offices in Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, and New York City.



Partner Name: Dov Yarkoni | Nielsen Innovate Fund

Nielsen Innovate is an early-stage technological incubator licensed by the Chief Scientist of Israel. It operates as an incubator and investment fund focused on market research, consumer behavior, data analytics, marketing and advertising solutions, campaign effectiveness measurement, big data, social, mobile and new media.



Partner Name: Gil Ben-Artzy | UpWestLabs

UpWestLabs actively invests in Founders looking to break into the US market or founders that have already established a US presence, in all stages of the product lifecycle, from a mere idea to a market ready product, with or without previous seed funding.



Partner Name: Rona Segev | TLV Partners

TLV Partners is an early stage VC with $270M under management. TLV Partners is about pursuing our dream to build the best home for Israeli entrepreneurs. TLV Partners invests in early stage startups and help them grow, excel in and lead new markets.



Partner Name: Shmuel Chafets | Target Global

From seed through early and growth stage investments, and across continents and categories, Target Global manages a family of funds designed to develop technology enabled businesses of all sizes.



Partner Name: Yoram Snir | 83North

Today, 83North is an independent firm investing in European and Israeli entrepreneurs. 83North is committed to help build global leading companies, with more than half of its portfolio companies having operations in the US.



Partner Name: Oded Hermoni | Rhodium

Rhodium invests in early-stage ventures in Israel, New York, and Silicon Valley. Founded by Daniel Recanati, Rhodium works closely with passionate founders, first-timers as well as serial entrepreneurs in the fields of advertising, social, mobile, e-commerce and other exceptional technologies.



Partner Name: Jack Levy |Israel Cleantech Ventures - ICV

ICV invests in entrepreneurs who dream big dreams and conceive great ideas for disrupting markets, making our lives more sustainable. ICV backs companies with technology differentiation and business model innovation that unlock tremendous profit potential across industries.



Partner Name: Ronen Nir | Viola Ventures

Empowering early-stage technology companies to become global category leaders. Viola Ventures invests across a number of key market segments including Enterprise Infrastructure & Applications, FinTech, Frontier & Deep Technologies (automotive, IOT, AR/VR, drones) and Consumer Services.



Partner Name: Nissim Darvish | OrbiMed Israel Partners

OrbiMed have been investing globally for over 20 years across the healthcare industry: from early-stage private companies to large multinational corporations. Their team of over 80 distinguished scientific, medical, investment and other professionals manages over $14 billion across public and private company investments worldwide.



Partner Name: Gary Gannot | Genesis Partners

Genesis Partners is an early stage venture capital firm that partners with exceptional entrepreneurs and founders who inspire them with their passion and vision. Genesis Partners likes to invest early and support companies that are changing the world through technology.



Partner Name: Tal Shaked | JAL Venture Fund

JAL Ventures invests across technology sectors including Internet, SaaS, eCommerce, Communication, Security & Defense. The fund looks for companies with a unique offering and expertise in their field, a strong and committed team, a proven business model, and highly satisfied paying customers.



Partner Name: Adi Gan | Evergreen Venture Partners

Evergreen's investments are focused on early stage Israeli companies in the following fields: Communications, Internet and Media, Software and Healthcare. Their investments are positioned in different segments of each of these markets to comprise a well diversified and balanced portfolio of companies.


* Fund descriptions and emails were taken from fund websites *

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