VCforU Investor Deal Flow Engine is Live

VCforU is happy to announce the launch of a new deal flow engine aims to bring value to its entrepreneurial community. Starting with the investor one pager platform which has grown virally to over 7,000 startups in over 110 countries. VCforU strives to bring even more value with its new deal flow offering.

Now entrepreneurs get more than a professional investor one pager, they also get immediate exposure to investors, all for free.

What do you have to do to get on the deal flow platform? Nothing. Here is the process. All one pagers created on the platform are reviewed by a VCforU analyst, and if they are found fit, they will appear on the deal flow engine that same day.

It is important to note that only validated investors have access to the deal flow platform and it is limited to 300 global investors.

Are you an investor?

The deal flow is based exclusively on our successful investor one pager offering which went viral in over 100 countries with thousands of startups. This means you get detailed relevant information, directly from the entrepreneur, filtered to match your exact investment criteria.

We welcome all types of investors to try our deal flow engine for a free 30-day trial.

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