IsraelInvestment.Org partners with to provide deal flow from Israel for UK-based investor

Israel Investment, a new organization launched in September 2017 in the United Kingdom, aims to connect investors in the U.K. with Israeli startups across all industries.

The founding director, Jon Simmons, is an early stage investor in Israeli startups. With a heart for ethical business, he has consulted in a marketing and digital capacity for startups in London, and is keen to see people achieve their financial goals by investing wisely in the booming democracy that is Israel.

Jon realized that traditionally it seems that Americans are taking the advantage of early stage opportunities in the StartUp nation. Simmons, based in London, created Israel Investment to leverage his connections in London and make these connections in his own community and country.

“Israel Investment is proud to partner with one of the biggest, most reliable and comprehensive resources of Israeli deal flow available today" said Simmons. has attracted thousands of startups, mostly in Israel, with Billions of dollars in detailed investment opportunities. Entrepreneurs join to create their investment materials and to gain exposure to relevant investors. An online "Deal Flow Engine" will soon be available.

"Being founded in Israel, we at find Israel Investment to be a unique and natural partner for us, with a clear vision, reliable management and a warm place for Israeli innovation." Says Nilli Donner, Co-Founder and CEO at

Simmons explained. “We are targeting Christians, but it really does open up an opportunity for all people to get a slice of Israel’s economic prosperity and to support Israel in an ethical and practical way.”

Itay Sagie, Co-Founder and Chairman added "We welcome Israel Investment as a true partner in the success and growth of the Israeli startup ecosystem. We welcome investors seeking quality investment deal flow in Israel to contact us at"

To get involved, U.K. businesspeople who are interested can join the community via the or the Israel Investment Forum on LinkedIn and plan on attending the events. Simmons aims to open the forum to European and American investors as well after the initial roll out.

If you are an entrepreneur, join at no cost. Simply fill out an investor one pager and opt-in to share it on the last page of the questionnaire.

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