Work Plan for Launching New Products

This article was written by the Initech team

Agile versus waterfall development is usually a matter of resolution. For some projects, the right length of a single iteration is a month, including everything from design, to development, and finally to testing over paid traffic. Other projects require a longer breath of air. This could be because a technological challenge is at the basis of the product’s definition, and it could be because the business goal only makes sense when launched at a very large scale.

This post describes the process we, at Initech, as a web development company, offer clients prior to starting development on the latter type of product. It details a process that has a waterfall-like structure when written down, but is in fact a maze of dependencies among tasks, and of feedback sessions that produce unpredicted extra work. However, as a framework for starting out, and as a basis for discussion on the grounds of a common language, it’s a useful tool to have at your side.

We start the process with a meeting that includes all the personnel from both sides, and continue into three stages of planning – product, design and technology. Some aspects of the work are better done by us, and others can just as well be accomplished internally by the client. The rest of this post lays out the details of these stages.

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