An awesome monthly TLVC Talkshow that will help you connect to investors

Tel Aviv Capital, partner of VCforU, is proud to announce the launch of the TLVC talkshow!

Click here to see the talkshow studio.

What: An awesome monthly TLVC Talkshow that will help you connect to investors.

Who: Startups that have previous funding, are ready for international growth, are raising their A round and are looking for strategic international partners.

Tel Aviv Capital will choose 4 promising Israeli startups in one talkshow video and showcase them to investors within the closed network of international investors. Entrepreneurs will pitch their idea and be interviewed in order to showcase the story and vision behind the numbers. International investors will have the chance to connect to the entrepreneurs on a personal level and then continue and assess your investor one-pager and decks. We recommend you come equipped with an awesome VCforU investor one-pager.

What next: Startups can apply on the TLVC website, or contact

So, once you've created your awesome one-pager on, let's create the personal connections that will raise your conversion rates and help you close your next round!

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