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Unique access to Tech startups globally, from early to growth stages |

full-service scouting | end-to-end investment services | portfolio management

What we do

VCforU provides a one-stop-shop for your Tech investment needs globally, with a presence in Israel

Assess needs

We will learn about your criteria and your goals in order to create the best offering for your needs

Internal + External search

VCforU has a unique internal database of thousands of "under the radar" startups, hundreds more joining every month. Being in Israel we can provide additional local services with the tech ecosystem

Investment Process

After we vetted a shortlist of companies, and you wish to pursue an investment, VCforU will manage the entire due diligence process using top tier legal and accounting firms here in Israel

Portfolio Management

whether you have an existing portfolio or we will create one for you, VCforU can manage your local portfolio and act as your local trusted advisor on various meetings and boards

Technology Areas

VCforU attracts companies from over 50 tech industries including













Stage Agnostic

From Pre-Seed (Under-the-radar) to Growth Stage companies

While VCforU has a clear competitive advantage in early stage, with our own proprietary deal flow, We have high visibility to the entire Israeli Tech ecosystem, with years of relationships with most of the local VCs, law firms, business Intelligence platforms and more.

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