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 What is THE LIST?

THE LIST ( was created by VCforU, a leading resource for startups raising capital. VCforU is working with over 14,000 entrepreneurs all over the world growing fast. We understand that creating a startup is a daunting task and entrepreneurs need a lot of help in the process, such as creating investor one pagers, business plans, finding investors, getting insights and feedback before meeting a VC and more.

Funds (VCs, CVCs) also utilize the deal flow engine to find relevant investment opportunities or use VCforU to scout for startups for them.

Why we created THE LIST

THE LIST is a clear extension of VCforU’s services. It was created due to high demand from Entrepreneurs to find relevant, “Entrepreneur-Friendly” investors. THE LIST is more than a database of investors, it is also a place where entrepreneurs can recommend and review funds they have encountered. VCforU aims to promote funds with good reviews rather than to publish bad reviews. Having said that, consistently bad reviews will reduce the score and rank of a fund.

How we rank funds

The fund’s rank is based on two main components:

  1. Raw data regarding the performance of a fund, such as number of recent investments, number of exits and more.

  2. Reviews by Entrepreneurs. VCforU aims for this second component to be highly influential regarding the total rank of a fund. Funds with consistently good reviews will be heavily promoted by VCforU and could outrank much larger funds with no positive reviews.

You might be able to learn more in the frequently asked questions area


We welcome funds to claim their fund or add their fund if they are not currently on the platform.